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Jump to: navigation, search - Contains all assets needed to use "map/dmap/testmap/devmap" and run around. It also works multiplayer when using "SpawnServer". However it needs 3 Files from the original doom3 game (see readme file).

This includes 4 files. a base.pk4 with all needed minimal assets, base_demo.pk4 - including a dummy map which will load and you can walk around, source.patch - a small source-code patch to allow the game to run without the need of a player model and a readme, containing all files which have to be copied from the original game (2 files).

Of course there will be some warnings in the console, missing strings, hard-coded assets, materials etc. but now you can run the engine standalone or with all of the original assets.

While still not the latest version, it includes now almoast everything to run. I included some more dummy files, so it shouln't crash anywhere now. However it only misses two files in the glprogs/ folder, which has still to be copied. Without it the game screen is simply black. Because its unlikely it will get released by ID-Software, it would be awesome if someone could recreate it from scratch, cause i tried but cant realy come into that ARB assembler stuff...

I cant move around, is that just something yet to do or is it my fault?
Never Mind, i just forgot to add bindings to the default.cfg

--Oparaskos 06:03, 14 January 2012 (PST) -oparaskos