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Binaries are in '''iodoom3/build/Win32/(Debug/Release/Dedicated Release)/DOOM3.exe'''
Binaries are in '''iodoom3/build/Win32/(Debug/Release/Dedicated Release)/DOOM3.exe'''
===Using the Minimum Assets pack===
''So you wanted a free engine to use, but doom3 costs money, and you cant redistribute dooms assets, Have no fear! follow the simple steps below''
* First of all follow the instructions at [[Minimum_Assets|this link]]
* Then open up your base folder and change the default.cfg so that it looks like the one [[File:Default.cfg|here]] This will allow you to move around.
===Setting up the original Doom3 data===
===Setting up the original Doom3 data===

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This page documents how to compile iodoom3 under windows.


git needs to be installed in order to download the iodoom3 source.

it may be sensible to use a user firendly-frontend like Tortoise GIT which also has setup instructions for msysgit ... if you have never used "git", it might seem a bit confusing at the beginning, but learning how to use it is well worth the time. Here you will find a nice tutorial.

The original source code was released by ID's Timothee Besset on his GitHub account (https://github.com/TTimo/doom3.gpl).

The iodoom3 source code is kept in a repository on git.iodoom.org. It can be cloned to your computer with these instruction.

Create a new folder to clone the iodoom3 source into. with Tortoise GIT installed right-click the folder and click Git Clone Then paste the following into the *Url* textbox.


Preparing for compilation

I am going to be using Visual Studio 2010. I advise you do the same, The express version can be found off their website. they also offer it free for students!


Open up /iodoom3/neo/ and double click the doom.sln file. Click the Solution Configurations dropdown, next to the green Debug button in the toolbar, and select Release. Click on Build->Build Solution Then Wait...... (There will be a little icon in the very bottom right of the window while it builds) If you get errors do not worry. they may be resolved in the next section.


TypeInfo.exe is returning -1

This error is caused by typeinfo.exe not being able to find default.cfg which is contained in the base folder. Running the program via a command line reveals that its looking for the base folder one directory up. To resolve it therefore you can cut your base folder, move a directory up and paste it. The base folder is iodoom3/base

Cannot Convert From void..... Line 1775

I solved this by double clicking the error and commenting out the offending line. no new errors came about as a result but it may be in your better interests to dig a little deeper.


Binaries are in iodoom3/build/Win32/(Debug/Release/Dedicated Release)/DOOM3.exe

Using the Minimum Assets pack

So you wanted a free engine to use, but doom3 costs money, and you cant redistribute dooms assets, Have no fear! follow the simple steps below

  • First of all follow the instructions at this link
  • Then open up your base folder and change the default.cfg so that it looks like the one here This will allow you to move around.

Setting up the original Doom3 data

Doom 3's engine is licensed under the GPL, but the game contents itself (maps, textures, scripts...) are not. You need to go and obtain a copy of this content and place it somewhere where the engine can find it.

The "original data" can be found on Doom 3's CD (or somewhere else if you bought it from Steam) and is made up of a set of "*.pk4" files. Here I present them and their "md5sum" hash:

 71b8d37b2444d3d86a36fd61783844fe  pak000.pk4
 4bc4f3ba04ec2b4f4837be40e840a3c1  pak001.pk4
 fa84069e9642ad9aa4b49624150cc345  pak002.pk4
 f22d8464997924e4913e467e7d62d5fe  pak003.pk4
 38561a3c73f93f2e6fd31abf1d4e9102  pak004.pk4

Doom3 will look in a base path for the doom 3 data files ,you should already have heard that term when we were fixing the TypeInfo error. by default the base path is assumed to be in the same folder as DOOM3.exe but an argument can be added to a DOOM3.exe shortcut to redirect to a different basepath,

+set fs_basepath "%new_fs_basepath%"

You may want to set the new basepath to the base folder in your doom install or copy the data files to a different folder entirley so you can edit them.

BONUS: Some extra information regarding *.pk4 files


Execute the following in a command prompt window.

cd iodoom3/build/Win32/Release
DOOM3.exe +set fs_basepath "../../../.."

Or.. Open up notepad and paste the following in;

DOOM3.exe +set fs_basepath "../../../.."

Then save it in the same directory as your DOOM3.exe, select All Files (*.*) from the Save as type dropdown. Name it RunDOOM3.bat' or something simmilar.

Setting up the keys

The original source code includes a CD-KEY protection mechanism to avoid piracy. Even if it is trivial to remove this protection once the sources are available, we encourage you not to do so as a sign of respect for all the great work they do at ID Software. Just remember this: if we play nice, in a few years they will open source Rage's engine :). Please, buy the original game.

When you buy the original game you will receive a "key". Just enter it in the dialog that appears the first time you run the game and the engine will sort everything out for you.

If you also have the Resurrection of Evil Expansion Pack, it will come with another (different) key