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This is a hacking guide to the code as is organized so far.

CMakeLists.txt the beginnings of the CMake script MayaImport/ the source to a program to import maya models MayaImport.vcxproj MayaImport.vcxproj.filters OpenGL/ the frozen openGl library SConstruct: the scones script TypeInfo/ some c++ introspection code (correct me if I'm wrong) _Common.props _Curl.props _Debug.props _Dedicated.props _DoomDLL.props _Game-d3xp.props _Game.props _MayaImport.props _Release.props _TypeInfo.props _WithInlines.props _WithMemoryLog.props _idlib.props clean.bat cm curl curllib.vcxproj curllib.vcxproj.filters d3xp doom.sln doom.suo doomdll.vcxproj doomdll.vcxproj.filters doomdll.vcxproj.user framework game game-d3xp.vcxproj game-d3xp.vcxproj.filters game.vcxproj game.vcxproj.filters idlib idlib.vcxproj idlib.vcxproj.filters installdebug.bat installrelease.bat openal renderer run.bat runrelease.bat sound sys tools typeinfo.vcxproj typeinfo.vcxproj.filters ui